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Journal Articles


  1. Stencil-printed Lithium-ion micro batteries for IoT applications Anju Toor, Albert Wen, Filip Maksimovic, Abhinav M. Gaikwad, Kristofer S.J. Pister, and Ana C. Arias Nano Energy, 2021 82, . [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  2. Multi-cycle testing of commercial coin cells for buffering of harvested energy for the IoT James W. Evans, Bernard Kim, Seiya Ono, Ana C. Arias, and Paul K. Wright IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2021 , . [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]


  1. A wearable biosensing system with in-sensor adaptive machine learning for hand gesture recognition Ali Moin, Andy Zhou, Abbas Rahimi, Alisha Menon, Simone Benatti, George Alexandrov, Senam Tamakloe, Jonathan Ting, Natasha Yamamoto, Yasser Khan, Fred Burghardt, Luca Benini, Ana C. Arias, and Jan M. Rabaey Nature Electronics, 2020 , . [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  2. Optimization of printed sensors to monitor sodium, ammonium, and lactate in sweat Alla M. Zamarayeva, Natasha A. D. Yamamoto, Anju Toor, Margaret E. Payne, Caleb Woods, Veronika I. Pister, Yasser Khan, James W., and Ana C. Arias APL Materials, 2020 8, 10. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  3. A Single-Mode, Self-Adapting, and Self-Powered Mechanoreceptor Based on a Potentiometric–Triboelectric Hybridized Sensing Mechanism for Resolving Complex Stimuli Xiaodong Wu, Juan Zhu, James W., and Ana C. Arias Advanced Materials, 2020 , 2005970. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  4. Printed, Flexible, Compact UHF‑RFID Sensor Tags Enabled by Hybrid Electronics Carol Baumbauer, Matthew G. Anderson, Jonathan Ting, Akshay Sreekumar, Jan M. Rabaey, Ana C. Arias, and Arno Thielens Scientific Reports, 2020 10, 16543. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  5. Highly Flexible Transparent Micromesh Electrodes via Blade-Coated Polymer Networks for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Juan Zhu, Donggeon Han, Xiaodong Wu, Jonathan Ting, Shixuan Du, and Ana C. Arias ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2020 12, 28. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  6. A potentiometric mechanotransduction mechanism for novel electronic skins Xiaodong Wu, Maruf Ahmed, Yasser Khan, Margaret E. Payne, Juan Zhu, Canhui Lu, James W. Evans, and Ana C. Arias Science Advances, 2020 6, 30. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  7. Large-Area Fabrication of High-Performance Flexible and Wearable Pressure Sensors Xiaodong Wu, Yasser Khan, Jonathan Ting, Zhu Juan, Seiya Ono, Xinxing Zhang, Shixuan Du, James W. Evans, Canhui Lu, and Ana C. Arias Advanced Electronic Materials, 2020 , . [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  8. Coupling in situ atomic force microscopy (AFM) and ultra-small-angle X-ray scattering (USAXS) to study the evolution of zinc morphology during electrodeposition within an imidazolium based ionic liquid electrolyte Jayme S. Keist, Joshua A. Hammons, Paul K. Wright, James W. Evans, and Christine A. Orme Electrochimica Acta, 2020 342, 136073. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]


  1. A New Frontier of Printed Electronics: Flexible Hybrid Electronics Advanced Materials, 2019 , 1905279. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  2. Printed, Flexible Lactate Sensors: Design Considerations Before Performing On-Body Measurements Scientific Reports, 2019 9, 13720. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  3. Organic Multi-Channel Optoelectronic Sensors for Wearable Health Monitoring Yasser Khan, Donggeon Han, Jonathan Ting, Maruf Ahmed, Ramune Nagisetty, and Ana C. Arias IEEE Access, 2019 4, [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  4. A Platform to Study the Effects of Electrical Stimulation on Immune Cell Activation During Wound Healing Kaiping Wang, Udit Parekh, Jonathan K. Ting, Natasha A. D. Yamamoto, Juan Zhu, Todd Costantini, Ana Claudia Arias Aria, Brian P. Eliceiri, and Tse Nga Ng Advanced Biosystems, 2019 1900106. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  5. Electrode Composite for Flexible Zinc–Manganese Dioxide Batteries through In Situ Polymerization of Polymer Hydrogel Alla M. Zamarayeva, Akshaya Jegraj, Anju Toor, Veronika I. Pister, Cheryl Chang, Austin Chou, James W. Evans, and Ana Claudia Arias Energy Technology, 2019 , 1901165. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]


  1. Emission Area Patterning of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) via Printed Dielectrics Donggeon Han, Yasser Khan, Karthik Gopalan, Adrien Pierre, and Ana C Arias Advanced Functional Materials, 2018 28, 37. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  2. Local electrochemical control of hydrogel microactuators in microfluidics Leeya Engel, Chengming Liu, Nofar Mintz Hemed, Yasser Khan, Ana Claudia Arias, Yosi Shacham-Diamand, Slava Krylov, and Liwei Lin Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 2018 [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  3. Printed Receive Coils with High Acoustic Transparency for Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused Ultrasound Joseph Corea, Patrick Ye, Dongjin Seo, Kim Butts-Pauly, Ana C. Arias, and Michael Lustig Scientific Reports, 2018 8, 3392. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  4. All-printed full-color pixel organic photodiode array with a single active layer Igal Deckman, P. Balthazar Lechene, Adrien Pierre, and Ana C. Arias Organic Electronics, 2018 56, [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  5. A flexible organic reflectance oximeter array Yasser Khan, Donggeon Han, Adrien Pierre, Jonathan Ting, Xingchun Wang, Claire M. Lochner, Gianluca Bovo, Nir Yaacobi-Gross, Chris Newsome, Richard Wilson, and Ana C. Arias Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2018 [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]


  1. Flexible and stretchable power sources for wearable electronics Alla M. Zamarayeva, Aminy E. Ostfeld, Michael Wang, Jerica K. Duey, Igal Deckman, Balthazar P. Lechêne, Greg Davies, Daniel A. Steingart, and Ana Claudia Arias Science Advances, 2017 3, 6. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  2. Flexible Blade-Coated Multicolor Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes for Optoelectronic Sensors Donggeon Han, Yasser Khan, Jonathan Ting, Simon M. King, Nir Yaacobi-Gross, Martin J. Humphries, Christopher J. Newsome, and Ana C. Arias Advanced Materials, 2017 [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF] 1606206
  3. Flexible photovoltaic power systems: integration opportunities, challenges and advances Aminy E Ostfeld, and Ana Claudia Arias Flexible and Printed Electronics, 2017 2, 1. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  4. Charge-integrating organic heterojunction phototransistors for wide-dynamic-range image sensors Adrien Pierre, Abhinav Gaikwad, and Ana Claudia Arias Nature Photonics, 2017 [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF] Article
  5. Understanding the Effects of Electrode Formulation on the Mechanical Strength of Composite Electrodes for Flexible Batteries Abhinav M. Gaikwad, and Ana Claudia Arias ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2017 0, 0. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF] PMID: 28151639
  6. Theoretical analysis and characterization of the energy conversion and storage efficiency of photo-supercapacitors P. Balthazar Lechene, Raphael Clerc, and Ana C. Arias Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 2017 172, [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]


  1. Solution-processed image sensors on flexible substrates Adrien Pierre, and Ana Claudia Arias Flexible and Printed Electronics, 2016 1, 4. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  2. Flexible Hybrid Electronics: Direct Interfacing of Soft and Hard Electronics for Wearable Health Monitoring Yasser Khan, Mohit Garg, Qiong Gui, Mark Schadt, Abhinav Gaikwad, Donggeon Han, Natasha A. D. Yamamoto, Paul Hart, Robert Welte, William Wilson, Steve Czarnecki, Mark Poliks, Zhanpeng Jin, Kanad Ghose, Frank Egitto, James Turner, and Ana C. Arias Advanced Functional Materials, 2016 , . [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  3. Materials and Methods for Higher Performance Screen-Printed Flexible MRI Receive Coils Joseph R. Corea, P. Balthazar Lechene, Michael Lustig, and Ana C. Arias Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2016 [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  4. Organic solar cells and fully printed super-capacitors optimized for indoor light energy harvesting Balthazar P. Lechene, Martin Cowell, Adrien Pierre, James W. Evans, Paul K. Wright, and Ana C. Arias Nano Energy , 2016 26, . [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  5. High-performance flexible energy storage and harvesting system for wearable electronics Aminy E. Ostfeld, Abhinav M. Gaikwad, Yasser Khan, and Ana C. Arias Scientific Reports, 2016 6, [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  6. Screen-printed flexible MRI receive coils Joseph R Corea, Anita M Flynn, Balthazar Lechêne, Greig Scott, Galen D Reed, Peter J Shin, Michael Lustig, and Ana C Arias Nature Communications, 2016 7, [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  7. Fabrication of a High-Performance Flexible Silver-Zinc Wire Battery Alla M. Zamarayeva, Abhinav M. Gaikwad, Igal Deckman, Michael Wang, Brian Khau, Daniel A. Steingart, and Ana Claudia Arias Advanced Electronic Materials, 2016 , . [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  8. Monitoring of Vital Signs with Flexible and Wearable Medical Devices Yasser Khan, Aminy E. Ostfeld, Claire M. Lochner, Adrien Pierre, and Ana C. Arias Advanced Materials, 2016 , . [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  9. Inkjet-Printed Flexible Gold Electrode Arrays for Bioelectronic Interfaces Yasser Khan, Felippe J. Pavinatto, Monica C. Lin, Amy Liao, Sarah L. Swisher, Kaylee Mann, Vivek Subramanian, Michel M. Maharbiz, and Ana C. Arias Advanced Functional Materials, 2016 , . [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF] Cover Article.
  10. Identifying orthogonal solvents for solution processed organic transistors Abhinav M. Gaikwad, Yasser Khan, Aminy E. Ostfeld, Shishir Pandya, Sameer Abraham, and Ana Claudia Arias Organic Electronics, 2016 30, [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF] Solvents visualization program is available in the Downloads section.


  1. High Detectivity All-Printed Organic Photodiodes Adrien Pierre, Igal Deckman, Pierre Balthazar Lechene, and Ana Claudia Arias Advanced Materials, 2015 [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  2. Charge transport model for photovoltaic devices based on printed polymer: Fullerene nanoparticles Natasha A.D. Yamamoto, Margaret E. Payne, Marlus Koehler, Antonio Facchetti, Lucimara S. Roman, and Ana C. Arias Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells , 2015 141, . [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]
  3. Recent Progress on Printed Flexible Batteries: Mechanical Challenges, Printing Technologies, and Future Prospects Abhinav M Gaikwad, Ana Claudia Arias, and Daniel A Steingart Energy Technology, 2015 [Bibtex]
  4. Impedance sensing device enables early detection of pressure ulcers in vivo Sarah L Swisher, Monica C Lin, Amy Liao, Elisabeth J Leeflang, Yasser Khan, Felippe J Pavinatto, Kaylee Mann, Agne Naujokas, David Young, Shuvo Roy, and others Nature Communications, 2015 6, 6575. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF] Media Coverage: UC Berkeley News Center, Futurity, BBC News, and many more.
  5. Screen printed passive components for flexible power electronics Aminy E. Ostfeld, Igal Deckman, Abhinav M. Gaikwad, Claire M. Lochner, and Ana C. Arias Scientific Reports, 2015 5, [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF]


  1. Printed and flexible biosensor for antioxidants using interdigitated ink-jetted electrodes and gravure-deposited active layer Felippe J Pavinatto, Carlos WA Paschoal, and Ana C Arias Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2014 [Bibtex]
  2. A High Areal Capacity Flexible Lithium-Ion Battery with a Strain-Compliant Design Abhinav M Gaikwad, Brian V Khau, Greg Davies, Benjamin Hertzberg, Daniel A Steingart, and Ana Claudia Arias Advanced Energy Materials, 2014 [Bibtex]
  3. All-Printed Flexible Organic Transistors Enabled by Surface Tension-Guided Blade Coating Adrien Pierre, Mahsa Sadeghi, Marcia M Payne, Antonio Facchetti, John E Anthony, and Ana Claudia Arias Advanced Materials, 2014 26, 32. [Bibtex]
  4. Single-walled carbon nanotube transparent conductive films fabricated by reductive dissolution and spray coating for organic photovoltaics Aminy E. Ostfeld, Amelie Catheline, Kathleen Ligsay, Kee-Chan Kim, Zhihua Chen, Antonio Facchetti, Sian Fogden, and Ana Claudia Arias Applied Physics Letters, 2014 105, 25. [Bibtex]
  5. All-organic optoelectronic sensor for pulse oximetry Claire M Lochner*, Yasser Khan*, Adrien Pierre*, and Ana C Arias Nature Communications, 2014 5, 5745. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF] *Equal contribution. Media Coverage: UC Berkeley Grad News, NSF Science 360 News, UC Berkeley News Center,, ScienceDaily, and many more.


  1. Empirically based device modeling of bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaics Adrien Pierre, Shaofeng Lu, Ian A. Howard, Antonio Facchetti, and Ana Claudia Arias Journal of Applied Physics, 2013 113, 15. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF] Bulk heterojunction device model simulator package is available in the Downloads section.


  1. Method and structure for establishing contacts in thin film transistor devices Jürgen H Daniel, Ana Claudia Arias, and Michael Chabinyc 2012 [Bibtex] US Patent 20,120,322,214
  2. Thin Film Field Effect Transistor with Dual Semiconductor Layers Sanjiv Sambandan, Ana Claudia Arias, and Gregory Lewis Whiting 2012 [Bibtex] US Patent 20,120,007,079
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  7. Printed Material Constrained By Well Structures And Devices Including Same Jurgen H Daniel, and Ana Claudia Arias 2012 [Bibtex] US Patent 20,120,235,145
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  9. Electronic circuit structure and method for forming same Jürgen H Daniel, and Ana Claudia Arias 2012 [Bibtex] US Patent 20,120,302,046


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  2. Highly Flexible, Printed Alkaline Batteries Based on Mesh-Embedded Electrodes Abhinav M. Gaikwad, Gregory L. Whiting, Daniel A. Steingart, and Ana Claudia Arias Advanced Materials, 2011 23, 29. [Bibtex]


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