March 6, 2013

Graduate Students


Margaret Payne

Margaret received her bachelor of science in physics from Wake Forest University in Spring 2014. During her time as an undergraduate, she conducted research on charge-transfer complexes of organic small-molecule semiconductors and organic field-effect transistors. She is currently working on developing aqueous dispersions of polymer-fullerene nanoparticles for printing organic solar cells.

Research Interests: Printed Large-Area OptoelectronicsPrinted and Flexible Energy Harvesting.


Alla Zamarayeva

Alla graduated with bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the City College of New York in 2014. As an undergraduate, she spent four semesters at the CUNY Energy Institute, working on compliant electrochemical energy storage devices under the guidance of prof. Steingart; and one semester at the Benjamin Levich Institute of Physico Chemical Hydrodynamics working on suspension rheology with prof. Jeff Morris. Her current research focuses on utilizing printing techniques to construct energy storage devices for powering wearable electronics as well as on printed electrochemical sensors for continuous health monitoring.

Research Interests: Printed and Flexible Energy Storage DevicesPrinted Sensors.

Jonathan Ting

Jonathan Ting

Jonathan received his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. During his time there he did research on inverted top-emitting organic light emitting diodes, as well as augmented reality mobile app development. He is currently working on printed OLEDs and OPDs for biomedical sensors and biomarker detection.

Research Interests: Printed Large-Area Optoelectronics, Wearable Medical Devices.

Karthik Gopalan

Karthik Gopalan

Karthik graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2015 with degrees in Physics and Computer Science. He is currently designing processes to automate the manufacturing of 3D printed devices. The focus of this work is to develop form-fitting, rigid receive coils for MRI.

Research Interests: Printed Large-Area Antennas, Wearable Medical Devices.


Maruf Ahmed

Maruf Ahmed received his undergraduate and masters degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in 2013 and 2016, respectively. In undergraduate research, he has investigated the feasibility of quantum cascade structures for thermophotovoltaic energy harvesting application. In his M.Sc. thesis, he has worked on III-V material based type II quantum well infrared photodetectors. His current research focus is on OPV and OPD.

Research Interests: Printed Large-Area Optoelectronics,Wearable Medical Devices.


Payton Goodrich

Payton Goodrich received his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University in 2015. His undergraduate research produced novel microfluidic prototyping methods, a method for creating PCL microfibers for medical applications, paper-based biofuel cells, and core-shell platinum nanocatalysts. He received a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Berkeley in 2018 for his interdisciplinary work on printed closed-loop heating elements for wearable comfort devices. Payton is now developing printed electromagnetic sensors, environmental sensors, and photothermal processing of thin film materials.

Research Interests: Printed Sensors.

Carol Baumbauer

Carol graduated from Montana State University in 2017 with degrees in Electrical Engineering and French. Her undergraduate research focused on the fabrication of nano structures to manipulate light, particularly for polarization imaging. She is currently working on printing antennas.

Research Interests: Printed Large-Area Antennas