Aug 26, 2020 Seiya received the 2020 Teaching Effectiveness Award for GSIs!
Jul 24, 2020 Xiaodong, Yasser, Maggie, and Juan's Paper in Science Advances
Jan 15, 2020 Xiaodong, Yasser, Ting, Juan, and Seiya’s Paper in Advanced Electronic Materials
Dec 15, 2019 Yasser, Arno, Sifat, Ting, and Carol’s Paper in Advanced Materials
Dec 15, 2019 Mahsa and Adrien's paper in Advanced Electronic Materials
Dec 15, 2019 Alla, Akshaya, Anju, Veronika, Cheryl, and Austin’s Paper in Energy Technology
Oct 7, 2019 Yasser, Han, Ting, and Maruf’s Paper in IEEE Access
Oct 7, 2019 Maggie, Alla, Veronica, and Natasha’s Paper in Scientific Reports
Aug 21, 2019 Ting, Natasha, and Juan's Paper in Advanced Biosystems
Nov 7, 2018 Yasser, Han, Adrien, Ting, Bob, and Claire’s Paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Oct 31, 2018 Joe’s Paper on printed receive coils for magnetic resonance guided focused ultrasound got published in Scientific Reports
Oct 31, 2018 Han, Yasser, and Ting’s Paper in Advanced Functional Materials
Jun 22, 2017 Alla, Aminy, Michael, Jerica, Igal, and Balthazar’s on flexible and stretchable power sources got published in Science Advances
Jun 22, 2017 Ana Received FlexTech R&D Achievement Award at 2017FLEX. Congrats!!!
Apr 17, 2017 Han, Yasser, and Ting’s paper on PLEDs for optoelectronic sensing got published in Advanced Materials
Mar 16, 2017 Aminy’s Review Paper in Flexible and Printed Electronics
Feb 20, 2017 Adrien and Abhinav’s paper on organic phototransistors got published in Nature Photonics
Feb 15, 2017 Adrien’s review paper on solution-processed image sensors on flexible substrates got published in Flexible and Printed Electronics
Feb 15, 2017 Abhinav’s paper on understanding the effects of electrode formulation on the mechanical strength of composite electrodes got published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Oct 31, 2016 Yasser, Abhinav, Han, and Natasha’s Paper in Advanced Functional Materials
Sep 24, 2016 Joe and Balthazar’s Paper in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
Aug 21, 2016 Balthazar and Adrien’s Paper in Nano Energy
May 17, 2016 Aminy, Abhinav, and Yasser’s Paper in Scientific Reports
Mar 23, 2016 Joe, Anita, and Balthazar’s Paper in Nature Communications
Mar 23, 2016 Alla, Abhinav, and Igal’s Paper in Advanced Electronic Materials
Feb 17, 2016 Yasser and Felippe’s Paper Made the Front Cover of Advanced Functional Materials
Dec 10, 2014 Paper on all-organic oximeter probe in Nature Communications