Solvents Visualization in Hansen Space

This is an MATLAB visualization program to view solvents in hansen space. Additionally, the program allows to encapsulate “good solvents” within a sphere and shows the solvents in 2d space for better visualization. Another feature of the program is listing all the solvents and corresponding RED values in a tabular format. For further information please take a look at the article and the readme file.

Hansen Program Download.


  1. Identifying orthogonal solvents for solution processed organic transistors Abhinav M. Gaikwad, Yasser Khan, Aminy E. Ostfeld, Shishir Pandya, Sameer Abraham, and Ana Claudia Arias Organic Electronics, 2016 30, [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF] Solvents visualization program is available in the Downloads section.

Bulk Heterojunction Device Model Simulator Package

This is a simulation package for bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaics from J. Appl. Phys. 113, 154506 (2013). The carrier concentration boundary conditions, mobility, exciton quenching efficiency, optical constants, dielectric constants and recombination rates can be entered into the simulator as experimentally-determined parameters. The program computes generation, recombination rates, and carrier concentration as a function of position in the active layer as well as photocurrent as a function of applied bias. Additionally, the morphology of the active layer can be varied as a function of position in the active layer to simulate graded devices. A readme file can be found inside the package with detailed instructions.

Simulator Package Download.


  1. Empirically based device modeling of bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaics Adrien Pierre, Shaofeng Lu, Ian A. Howard, Antonio Facchetti, and Ana Claudia Arias Journal of Applied Physics, 2013 113, 15. [Abstract] [Bibtex] [PDF] Bulk heterojunction device model simulator package is available in the Downloads section.

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